Get To Know Pie Hole.


Flour. Yeast. Water. Salt.

That's all that goes into our dough.

We utilize Caputo "00" flour, an extra finely ground durham wheat flour used primarily in European breads and pizzas. Adding this finely milled flour to our combination of wet yeast, water and salt make for a mouthwatering dough that compliments every topping.

We fire our pizzas at 900° for about 70 seconds. This gives them a crispy exterior and chewy interior crust. Each dough ball is hand stretched to have a thin interior.

Neopolitan pizza is customarily eaten with a fork and knife, and the outer crust is used to “wipe the plate clean”. We understand this isn't how we usually eat pizza, so folding it in half works just as well.

San Marzano whole peeled tomatoes are used as our red sauce. That’s it…nothing added. We feel there’s no need to mess with something that good, and no reason to compete with our toppings.

Our cheeses are real cow’s or goat’s milk varieties, and our cured meats are premium quality. Fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices round out our toppings and we use local purveyors when possible.

We recommend eating our pizza in house, as the best experience is right out of the oven.

So relax and enjoy your experience here with us…where "shoving it in your pie hole" isn’t frowned upon.

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